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Matteo Salvini immediately takes over operations of Apple/Microsoft, Facebook and Google related to Italian Monarchical activities being that the corporation is in debt of 13 billion Euros to Europe and the tax evasion charges against the corporation carry over under Italy if Italy leaves the European Union and all contracts (including with Starbuck's) in the former Italian capital, are made null and void, Matteo Salvini also has full responsibility over the maintenanace of the Alitalia-Etihad airplane of the Italian republic currently utilized by Gentiloni and formerly Matteo kept at Fiumicino and has only personnel cleared through Professor of psycholinguistics, Elena Danilova, retired of Tavrida University in Simferopol, Crimea in any manner associated with the said airplane.All operations coincide with the immediate institution of a femminist Italian Executive Monarchy modeled after North Korea's, except that women, not men, rule.

Historical preservation of the atmosphere of the various historical cultures of the Italian peninsula shall facillitate consulting and dining censoring any advertising through the vulgar American-English idioms such as "but" ("butt") (replaced with "and" such as in ' I would do that but' with ' I would do that and') and "well" (Islamic State ovarian blood sucking rituals) (replaced with "yes" such as in ' Well of course' with ' Yes of course') and censorship of advertising items such as Save the Children, Nutella and Pepsi-Cola. In global demographics non-whites are the majority of the earth's population.

The general pattern seems to indicate that as there are more non-whites globally than whites there are more immoral evolutionary patterns than innately moral evolutionary patterns, with morality based on the traditions since the Old Testament to protect the handicapped and the autonomous and morally upright courageous individual, against mob aggressions and other vile social group behaviors now facilitated by the speed of gratuitous advertising implementing electronic and print media against human nature, and its evolutionary sustainability.

Professor Emeritus Val Limburg discusses this in his book "Electronic Media Ethics", which seems to have similar message themes as Edward Snowden's warning for us, regarding mass surveillance, manipulation, and abuse of technological tools and interpretation of data rooted in non-white envy, handicapism, femminicide, and racist greed to glorify defrauding meritorious millenial Continental European cultures and family genetics.

Following and improving upon the original capitalistic foundations of the United States, in 1780, Florence restores its traditions of crafts guilds and historical city sectors, with the usual assignment under matriarchal Houses of Nobility, operating as a corporate city as in the Williamsburg, Virginia, USA, model.

The goal is a functioning city and capital of Italy that assigns rank to civilian as well as military craftspersons and professionals, so that someone is classified according to their skill and knowledge and not according to their employment or unemployment status.

Reason - Catholic mafia has compromised justice in the case of Meredith Kercher, an Anglican, a British citizen, and a woman of dark complexion like Emanuela Orlandi, and thousands of other women and men in Italy ritually murdered, through illegal immigration schemes, and millions ritually abused.

Some Roman Catholic church members, femminicidally sidelined Meredith Kercher as Anne Boleyn was heinously slaughtered before her family, with the Catholic justice of the time holding no one credibly responsible when all the proof pointed to the culprit and the complicity of the Catholic mafia.

The product is not necessarily a better person, but a potentially devious person, as we have witnessed in the Kercher murder trials and re-trials, in the attempt to coherce feigning heterosexual behaviours, genetic alteration of ovarian eggs for illegal human trafficking and profiteering, imposed conformity, illegal silencing of those reporting abuses and criminal actions, while marginalizing agnostics, Mediterranean and Jewish phenotypes, amputees, atheists (Buddhists), non-whites, independent women, homosexuals, orphans, and patriotic military or partisan families.

In the specific context of loyalties, the outcome of the Kercher murder is that an ineffective collaboration has been exposed between malfunctioning US, and Italian legal systems, and religious believers and practitioners.

Roman Catholicism has not been informed by Faith but by short-term goals: money-laundering; femminicide; anti Semitism; handicappism; acrotomophylia;opportunism; gambling; cover-ups; US State Department and Justice Department,and Obama and Clinton campaign fraud through illegally sequestered human trafficking targets.

The reason is simple, Catholic members facilitated immoral and criminal behavior to then abusively use forensic sciences to glorify as public personalities rather than private citizens and re-program the criminals so that they would not be found guilty nor with obvious deviant behaviours at the time of trial.

Although the Rome Cassation Court decision can be justified in that inadvertantly the actual target, the daughter of an Italian citizen, was not murdered, the issue remains that the death of Meredith Kercher could have been avoided and justice for the Kercher family has not been satisfied.