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These sites were located where the spring-fed waters of Fall Creek enter the Colorado River, an area of abundant natural resources.

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Although Hughes did not publish most of his fieldwork, he was a faithful and organized note taker.Archeological sleuth Chris Lintz surmises that it depicts the Stamper site as its 1933-1934 excavator, C.Stuart Johnston, envisioned it during the period he was working at the site.Note that the buildings have very low walls and hipped, thatched roofs with low, extended entranceways.Compare drawing to Johnston's 1935 painting of the same scene (Part 2).From left to right: Floyd Studer, Alex Krieger, Clarence Webb, and Clarence Webb, Jr. The elder Webb, a medical doctor from Shreveport, Louisiana, was a first-class amateur archeologist and one of Krieger's collaborators. Fragments of distinctive pottery from the Southwest are occasionally found at Antelope Creek sites.

They are thought to represent trade pieces and provide evidence of contact between the two cultural areas.

Such finds yielded the first accurate estimates of the age of Antelope Creek sites. Cover of a 2002 book by Lee Lyman and Michael O’Brien (University of Alabama Press).

Mc Kern's classification system relied on trait-by-trait comparisons, an simplistic approach that seemed to make sense in the 1930s and 1940s before radiocabon dating was available.

High-quality chert for making tools, and stone for hot rock cooking was plentiful.

The fertile river terraces provided habitat for a host of animals and plants, while the deep river harbored fish, turtle, and other aquatic animals.

The two collections were recovered in a single days excavation at one of the mounds.

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