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The implants, which can shrink, twist, curl and cut through internal tissue, have ruined the lives of thousands of women, leaving some on the brink of suicide.

Mesh, introduced 20 years ago and dubbed 'gold-standard', was promoted as a quick, cheap alternative to complex surgery for incontinence and prolapse.

In a series of documents about vaginal mesh implants to be published in December, Nice said that 'evidence of long-term efficacy is inadequate in quality and quantity'.

It added that 'when complications occur, these can be serious and have life-changing consequences' Yet, Nice also said most women do not report complications after being fitted with such implants.

However, vaginal mesh remains a viable option for surgeons operating on women suffering from incontinence in both countries.

Before her operation to have TVT mesh fitted in 2013, Ms Brajcic was 'fit and active', according to a fundraising page created since her death.

The scandal came to light in April, when the NHS tried to dodge media attention over the implants that left hundreds of women in agony.

Senior doctors immediately called for a public inquiry into the controversial mesh, with some saying the scandal could be akin to thalidomide.Scottish officials asked for it to be suspended in Scotland in 2014 pending a similar review, but hundreds of women are still believed to be having the surgery.More than 10,000 women a year are fitted with mesh.Because it did not require specialist training to implant, outraged women have since begged for tougher regulations to conduct such surgery.Vaginal mesh has been considered a high-risk device for nearly a decade in the US, with bodies accepting up to 40 per cent of women may experience injury.But only 4,800 have suffered lacerations and nerve damage from the mesh breaking into tiny fragments.