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In his free time, James also enjoys traveling, golf and skiing.

With them, I’ve travelled to different international cities, exploring the anatomy of innovation.I’ve studied the way countries like Israel, Spain, Portugal and Ireland nurture innovation and entrepreneurship.Together, we’re making a huge effort to learn from the best practices of major partner cities in other countries and to apply them back in Greater Boston.I’d rather spend my energy developing my capacity, than limit myself by pursuing balance. I am reminded on a daily basis that it’s our employees’ commitment and dedication that have gotten us to where we are now and, more importantly, that’s paving the way for the future. I want to focus on making the people here successful.I focus on what I can control in life – not so much on how big the pie is going to be – but how much we’re going to do with our piece. He built three industrial parks, complete with infrastructure and a railroad, on the New Mexico, Mexico and Texas border.We’re working with smart people who are driving development and change locally and impacting the blueprint of important initiatives like Boston’s Innovation District.

That’s where attracting entrepreneurs, breaking barriers to entry, creating affordable housing, improving commerce and the economy in Massachusetts will all pay big dividends.It was back in November, 2002 that he founded Commodore… I wanted to build something different…something employees could have a stake in…could share pride in.I wanted to build an enduring company, a place where people have the opportunity to grow. And I want to make a personal contribution to our clients’ success, to the people who work here and to their families.Joe has the global perspective of a business executive with 28 years of military service…and the local ties of a Newton resident who remains firmly rooted in the community he grew up in.I use Commodore’s 6 Qualities of Excellence as a guide. Based on the very positive market reaction, I would say the integration with Commodore has gone very well. I’m still going through the transition of having children who don’t need me in the same way they used to. Our kids have unlimited opportunities in front of them and I feel good that we’ve been able to help them with that. I recently turned 55, which gives me plenty to reflect on.