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Old or outdated webcam drivers can cause the webcam to perform at a less than desirable quality.A driver is a computer program that allows the operating system and connected hardware to communicate.

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Bark or whine so that you have a sense of how loud the sound will be.We would suggest a high spot like a shelf or book-case, near a power point, which should also be dog proof in terms of not being vulnerable to exploring dogs trying to locate your voice. Once you’ve logged into your dog’s Skype account you will need to do the following: Windows defaults put your laptop to sleep after certain time inactive.For the purposes of this exercise we’ve assumed you have Skype installed on your computer outside the home. To make sure you can check up on your dog whenever you want, you need to adjust the power settings on the computer: Open the Start Menu Power options and set so your computer to never power off .In addition, a higher frame rate creates a smoother video. For the clearest video feed, use a webcam with high definition capability, which is a camera with at least 1280 by 720 resolution and a minimum of 30 frames per second.Changing your video settings can improve the quality of your video feed in Skype.More pixels allows for higher quality video capture.

For example, 800 by 600 quality allows for 480,000 total pixels while 1280 by 720 allows for 921,600 total pixels -- almost double the image quality.

Assuming neither you nor the dog has a spare network port in your garage, doghouse or where the dog stays while you’re away, you’ll need to have a wireless network that has excellent signal covering your doggie cam area.

If you need a hand setting one up, a gizmo Network Me service will get you going.

Enter our idea of how to keep track of your fur ball while you are gone, the Skype Doggie Cam.

If you’ve got an old laptop and a web cam, the “Skype Doggie Cam” will put these items to good use, working with your wireless network at home and a free Skype account. Using a two-way system like Skype, if your dog is really is fretting you can talk to her or him directly.

Test Video Next time you are away from home all you have to do is open Skype and dial your puppy’s Skype number, in a couple of seconds you will be able to check up on your puppy and sooth it all via video from anywhere that you have an internet connection.

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