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In 2006, Munn starred as Mily Acuna on the series Beyond the Break. from 2006 to 2010 and was a correspondent on The Daily Show from 2010 to 2011.Munn has also had supporting roles in various films and television series since 2004.

Italy, Rome and even Naples look so clean that I hardly recognized it. Luca Argentero plays Julia's tutor/tourist guide. He is a good looking guy that after appearing in the Italian version of the Big Brother reality show, he became a sort of local movie star and shows promising acting chops.

In late 2005, Munn began her role as teen surfer Mily Acuna over two seasons of the television drama Beyond the Break on The N network. The network, devoted to the world of video games and the video game lifestyle, was at first hesitant to hire Munn.

In 2006, Munn moved on to the G4 network, where she began co-hosting Attack of the Show! Although she admits video games were her "weak point," she was confident in her technical knowledge.

Here, the filmmakers don't shy away from the conflict and the balance is real.

Julia's husband, played beautifully by Billy Crudup, accuses her of leaving the marriage without an explanation. In Italy, Julia eats and our own gastric juices start to do their thing.

Here, strangely enough, he looks small but charming all the same.

India brings the wonderful Richard Jenkins and a solid piece of advise: "don't give up on love" Bali, well, Bali is something else and it is there that Javier Bardem comes into the picture and provides us with the best scene in the film.She has gone on to say that she disliked the experience, explaining, "I was trying to be something I wasn't, and that made me really uncomfortable on live TV." Soon after she moved to Los Angeles, Munn was cast in a small role in the direct-to-video horror film Scarecrow Gone Wild.She appeared in rock band Zebrahead's music video for their song "Hello Tomorrow" as the love interest of the lead singer Justin Mauriello.(P) Set Fire to Flames, 2001 Editore per L' Italia: Universal Music Publishing Ricordi SRL. Seems to take the concept of the Sopranos one step further (or rather a step down) It's a very nonviolent (for a gangster movie), and far more blue collar than Goodfellas is Makes the whole organization feel more grounded.I wonder if that's just the difference between the Italians and the Italian-Americans. I really like the performance from the guy playing Luciano, the dad trying to keep his son away from the path his brother is on.On the show, Munn was featured with journalist Anna David in a segment called "In Your Pants," which deals with sex and relationship questions from viewers. , Munn hosted Formula D, a now defunct program about American drift racing, and an online podcast called Around the Net, formerly known as The Daily Nut, for G4. in December 2010 and was replaced by Candace Bailey.