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Son voile de coton souple et léger, aux dimensions généreuses (110 x 180 cm), est très agréable à porter, surtout après un premier lavage à froid.

As parents, our utmost responsibility is to provide the best available educational environment where the leaders of the future will develop the skills of the future.By combining the information gained from the two perspectives, families and staff can use the curriculum to plan and implement an individualized education.Our aim is to discover the hidden talents of students and -if any- overcome the deficiencies.Our mission is to prepare our students for leadership roles and provide them with the opportunity to be successful in our rapidly changing global environment.We believe that all students should become responsible citizens, productive employees, resourceful employers and effective community members.The vision of Galaxy International School is to provide a learning environment and experience that emphasizes global understanding, community involvement, individual responsibility, and high academic standard through the study of science- oriented programs and cutting edge teaching methods.

It is our intention to address the importance of the individual as an active member of a community that extends beyond the classroom into a more diverse society.

It’s only with well-developed interpersonal and social skills and a sense of ethics that our children will truly be equipped for the challenges they will face as the leaders of the future.

With that goal in mind, GALAXY is designed to provide a unique environment where each student is known by the staff and class sizes are small enough for individual attention to be paid not only to academic development, but also to character development.

Si le motif est identique à la photo présentée, chaque pièce est différente dans sa couleur (voir autre photo), la découpe épousant les variations de la coque de noix de coco naturellle.

Utilisez cette boucle pour attacher un paréo Tahiti Art Maohi.

La technique artisanale fait toute son originalité et ses petits défauts sont autant de témoignages d'un authentique "fait main" polynésien.