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It took a two-year court battle to free Wilson from the control of Landy, who lost his psychologist’s license.“Watching when I was with the Dr Landy programme was particularly hard going,” Wilson says of the movie, in which Hollywood veteran Paul Giamatti plays the therapist with chilling realism.“He sounded so much like him that I actually thought that was the real Dr Landy,” says Wilson, still shaken.His new album, punningly titled ‘No Pier Pressure,’ boasts the cover photo of a seaside pier’s support pilings at low tide, but implies the double entendre of ‘peer pressure’ - a lifetime spent vying with the Beatles, and being compared to the singer-songwriting duo of Lennon and Mc Cartney.“It wasn’t really a rivalry,” explains Wilson.“I was jealous!

Wilson claims that his partial hearing loss in one ear came after his father hit him across the head with a plank of wood.

Fifteen years after transitioning from child actor to indie rock royalty, she’s perfected her craft, translating “random acts of hopelessness” into earworm gold while puzzling over questions so hefty one might as well label them Socratic: “Can vanity and happiness coexist?

” Having mastered the art of close observation, she’s now a trusted chronicler of human weakness, lamenting “me and you and what we’d do for money” in the midst of highlighting the ways major life events require minor adjustments of character (and vice versa).

He was right, although one could say the same thing about Steely Dan’s east-coasters-in-exile opus .

A few surreptitious string arrangements surface; a Skunk Baxter guitar solo oozes out of “She’s Not Me”; father-and-daughter reunion tale “You Can’t Outrun ‘Em” smolders like Eagles gone new wave.

But you wouldn’t assume a troubled backstory from the music — Lewis has channeled her grievances into a statement of life-affirming and ebullient guitar pop.

All of this songwriter’s familiar touchstones are present in leadoff track “Head Underwater,” from her clear delineation of cheery gloom (“my own mortality I contemplated”) to jittery ’80s hookcraft reminiscent of fellow Californians Haim.

He had originally intended it as a follow-up to the 2012 Beach Boys’ 50th anniversary album That’s Why God Made Radio, but claims he had second thoughts.“I was going to do one with the Beach Boys, but I changed my mind and decided to do a solo album,” he reveals. After the Beach Boys reunion tour in 2013, Wilson had hoped to tour with them again but Mike Love wanted to perform without the complication of Wilson, and hit the road with a smaller version of the band.

Stranded, Wilson turned to the radio to find new collaborators.“We’d heard everyone we asked to be on the album on the radio, and we called them up and had them come to the studio one by one,” he says.“But I don’t really listen to today’s music.”He’s the first to admit that despite his advancing years he has no plans to slow down and says he couldn’t stop performing if he tried.“It’s a compulsion,“ he explains.“It feels good.

In typical Lewis fashion, even her kiss-offs are eloquent: “And you struggle with sobriety/ Dreams of notoriety/ Listening to .” And no kiss-off is more bittersweet than “Love U 4ever.” On first glance, it’s straightforwardly euphoric — a lean, mean power pop wedding anthem gurgling with burgundy wine, sly enough to recall, “When you first kissed me, I was so annoyed,” giddy enough to gush, “I could love you ’til all the Polaroids fade.” It all sounds too good to be true, which is when you’ll maybe notice the line about how eating out every night can’t chase away the “feeling of hell in a hallway.” What first sounded ecstatic — “I can’t believe I’m getting married in May” — starts to sound pretty resigned.

Don’t be fooled when you hear Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson singing about love, island life, and beautiful days sailing away on his new album.

Yet for the first time in a decade, Lewis doesn’t sound like a songwriter breaking free from a band’s strictures.

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