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was reportedly already two-timing her with socialite Chelsea Chapman Kirwan!Meanwhile, Kirwan was tied up in her own nasty divorce from her plastic surgeon husband, who threatened to haul Kennedy into court as a wife-snatching witness in their split!

It was announced in July 2010 that Hines would be joining the cast of the new Nickelodeon films based on their series The Fairly Odd Parents, A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up Timmy Turner! She played Wanda, the main character's (Timmy's) godmother.Hines married Paul Young, founder of the management firm Principato-Young, on December 30, 2002.They have one child, daughter Catherine Rose Young, b. On July 20, 2010, Hines and Young filed papers for their divorce after nearly eight years of marriage.That’s the claim of a Kennedy family insider, who told Radar that the bubbly That’s the claim of a Kennedy family insider, who told Radar that the bubbly Hines, 51, married Kennedy, 63, in August 2014, despite dire warnings from pals to avoid the blatant bed-hopper.Indeed, just weeks before the wedding, Radar exclusively revealed that RFK Jr.She also starred as Dallas Royce on the ABC sitcom Suburgatory.

In 2009, she made her directorial debut with Serious Moonlight.

A poolside guesthouse house with knotty pine paneled lounge and vaulted ceiling also includes a full kitchen and a lofted, ladder-accessed sleeping area.

Kennedy Jr.’s two-year marriage to actress Cheryl Hines is already on the rocks — and won’t last!

Finally, in November, he shipped Kyra off to a “therapeutic boarding school” in Italy!

“Cheryl thought she was signing up for a fairy-tale life in Camelot,” the source claimed.

Martin’s Press, a decades-long friend of Kennedy and a guest at his August 2014 wedding “was mystified as to why Hines married Bob, since his history as a womanizer had become so public and was intertwined in scandal.” “Any woman who gets involved with Bobby does so with her eyes open, or their brains lopped off,” said the so-called friend.

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