Chip in widget not updating

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So a picture of the new board in all it's grubby test glory, System FPGA v1.1 shrunk prototype board , which includes goopy flux around the sound chip and missing headers for the 49 way stick, extra buttons and H&V sync headers ( all would be in place on a production board ), and the programming lead blocking part of the picture. New batch of factory fresh PCB's These are for the video "sync-cleaner" boards, that take a standard def.

They also help clean up problems with boards that output really long H-sync pulses. Soldering these things is a bit tougher than a DIP package tho'.× Spark Fun Electronics will be closed on New Years Day.Please be aware that any orders placed after PM Mountain Time on December 29th, 2017 will not ship until we will resume normal business hours on January 2nd, 2018. Follow this link for details on Defender I/O Widget Replacement - VHDL source & PCB layout More stuff for Rampart (!) Although this will work with other Atari boards that use the LETA chip.Here's all the details, source and pcb layout for an Atari LETA on a Xilinx CPLD About a year ago I reversed the logic for one of the SPLD ( simple programmable logic device ) for an Atari Rampart board that was missing the part.

As a follow up I recently had a request for help with replacing two other GALs on the board.The board plays the two version of Berzerk and Frenzy, it's designed as a single board replacement for the 5 boards that make up the Berzerk boardset and with the correct adapter plus into the original harness.Alternately it can be used to restore converted cabs back into Berzerk. However missing a neckboard for a 29.1mm tube is a pain, so I had to clone one for a Wells 19K7689 monitor.Results came out very well for a double sided prototyping kit etch with10mil features. This is ultimately for a FPGA carrier board I can do some experiments with during the next month. Some pics of the proto board that's been under test. I will be releasing the MC6800 emulation core which I wrote for the Atmel ATMEGA8 as freeware, once the source is cleaned up a little.Next up I'm looking at the HC55564 CVSD chip, originally from Harris, which was used for sampled speech playback. I'm still messing with Williams gameboard hardware, which is really fun. The Motorola 6809 was a great CPU and it interfaces nicely with Xilinx parts, a strange marriage of 1970's and 21st century parts.First one in ages it seems and it's for a good game too (! RGB Encoder wiring & mounting diagrams PCB's for the sync-cleaner boards arrived.

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