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There are those who have determined not only the year of our Lord's birth, but also the day; and they say that it took place in the 28th year of Augustus, and in the 25th day of [the Egyptian month] Pachon [May 20] …

Christmas played a role in the Arian controversy of the fourth century.

It is unrelated to the Quartodecimal, which had been forgotten by this time.

Early Christians celebrated the life of Jesus on a date considered equivalent to 14 Nisan (Passover) on the local calendar.

Because Passover was held on the 14th of the month, this feast is referred to as the Quartodecimal.

All the major events of Christ's life, especially the passion, were celebrated on this date.

Jesus chose to be born on the shortest day of the year for symbolic reasons, according to an early Christmas sermon by Augustine: "Hence it is that He was born on the day which is the shortest in our earthly reckoning and from which subsequent days begin to increase in length.

He, therefore, who bent low and lifted us up chose the shortest day, yet the one whence light begins to increase." Linking Jesus to the Sun was supported by various Biblical passages.According to the Calculation hypothesis, celebration of the quartodecimal continued in some areas and the feast became associated with Incarnation.The Calculation hypothesis is considered academically to be "a thoroughly viable hypothesis", though not certain.This is not a disagreement over the date of Christmas as such, but rather a preference of which calendar should be used to determine the day that is December 25.Moreover, for Christians, the belief that God came into the world in the form of man to atone for the sins of humanity, rather than the exact birth date, is considered to be the primary purpose in celebrating Christmas.Because gift-giving and many other aspects of the Christmas festival involve heightened economic activity, the holiday has become a significant event and a key sales period for retailers and businesses.

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