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“Nobody I knew in the ’90s that were writing zines were using it as a stepping stone,” says Crabb, who began Doris when she was 23.“Now I see some of that, people trying to sell them for a lot of money, especially the art zines as a way to showcase their art for greater recognition.

Like most other content rating systems, this only serves as an aid to the viewer's decision of whether or not to keep watching; what viewers actually decide is up to them.

"Warning: this comic occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)."Sometimes, producers or distributors feel the need to warn the viewers of what they are about to see.

This serves to help viewers who might not like what they're about to see stop looking at it before things get unpleasant; for others, it's an invitation to watch.

See also Media Classifications and Trigger, as well as Our Lawyers Advised This Trope, Don't Try This at Home, Do Not Attempt, This Is a Work of Fiction, and NSFW. TV Tropes has its own content warnings; see The Google Incident for how this shakes out.

"The following contains graphic images of seniors pranking innocent youngsters.

Because zines are self-published, it’s difficult to track how many exist, but Ayala estimates millions worldwide.

Since the 1990s, teenage girls have written zines as a way to solidify their stance in society.We feel that this is un-Constitutional and un-American.As an alternative to these government-supported programs (designed to keep you docile and ignorant).Calvin: The TV listings say this movie has "adult situations." What are adult situations?Hobbes: Probably things like going to work, paying bills and taxes, taking responsibilities...Calvin: Wow, they don't kid around when they say "for mature audiences." WARNING/GUARANTEE: This album contains material which a truly free society would neither fear nor suppress.

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    - CHN (January 24, 2006) Women's fashion in Tehran, Iran - People's Daily (June 22, 2005) Women's Dress and Islam-by Faegheh Shirazi Hijab and the Iranian women-by Ludmila Yaneva Hijab in post revolutionary Iran (Newspaper Clippings) | America Pro-Hijab Poster Persian Makeup For going to Coffee shops (Funny Video) Fashion in pre-revolutionary Iran Traditional & historic costumes of Iran More...