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Colombia dating erotic - who all has lance bass dating

And while those of us gay boys might be disappointed that phallic visuals don’t adorn the walls of the men’s restroom, we can all celebrate the fact that the visionaries behind Bar Chiquita are challenging traditional, conformist standards about how women should behave.As Juan Pablo says, Chiquita is a place where everyone can “feel free, where they can dress crazy and behave how they want.” It is unapologetically not the norm, and that’s why I love Bar Chiquita so much.

Doing so, he said, would invoke a visit from city officials with a mandate to take it down.I don’t think they’re going to let you in with your shorts and flip-flops.Zero Nightclub One of the first gay dance clubs I went to when I first visited Medellin in 2013 was a place called Purple. After moving around to a few different locations, the people behind Purple brought a new vibe to the area around Parque Lleras when they opened up Lady Luck.That newness is also represented in the variety of mixed drinks served up by the engaging and sexy bartenders.Chiquita offers more than the rum or aguardiente you’ll get at your typical Colombian cantina, and they offer some tasty appetizers too!From the moment you walk in, you’re greeted by a friendly member of the staff who will inform you about the drink specials.

There’s no need to wait in line at the bar – the staff will take your order and bring your drinks to you, giving you more time to shake it on the enormous dance floor or chat it up with your friends.

Bar Chiquita The creators of the festive and sometimes outrageous Banana Splitter parties have made a permanent space for their brand of Colombian kitsch.

Bar Chiquita lives up to the expectations of at least one of the bar’s owners, Juan Pablo Gomez, who says he wanted to create an iconic landmark designed for an open-minded audience.

Liberation, particularly sexual liberation, is a theme you’ll find throughout Chiquita.

Besides the vagina imagery on the walls behind the bar, when you take one step into the ladies room, you’ll find yourself surrounded by 3D images of dicks…of them!

When I’m not dancing inside, I like to hang out on the balcony that overlooks Parque Lleras.

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