Dating a non triathlete

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Growing up I never thought there was ever anything odd about women in sport.

Non is clearly a woman with a mature head on her shoulders who says she feels like she is just scratching the surface of her sport and her dreams.A further hurdle to reaching her goal was thrown at her in London when she received a 15-second penalty.But she conquered it all to cross the line as World Champion.I started feeling really fit and I also adopted a more professional attitude.You mentioned you have had a relatively “normal” life, going to school and then uni.I didn’t really start noticing anything [about girls being uncomfortable doing sport] until I got to secondary school.

Girls start to grow and boys start to make comments.

She is now looking to the Commonwealth games next year and the possibility of qualifying for her first ever Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Crossing that line as ITU World Triathlon Champion, can you put it into words? I can remember running down into the blue path and remember thinking, “you’ve done it, you’re world champion”, but at the time I crossed the line it was utter disbelief.

There’s a photo of me on my hands and knees and that’s just me trying to take in what’s happened and to have two seconds to myself before it starts to go a bit crazy.

I didn’t want to be that person that cracked under pressure. You can get so bogged down in it all and I just remind myself that you do it because you love it and have to enjoy it. When Gwen [Jorgensen – who went into the weekend leading the series] crashed on the bike and Anne [Haug – who had been second] wasn’t having a good day I knew it was playing into my hands and when I started running I felt great and I knew that when no one came with me, I thought that if I could keep this going, I knew I was in great shape so I was pretty confident. I’m very fortunate that I had a bit of talent but I’ve worked hard and persevered and have had ups and downs, but it just goes to show that if you stick at something you can do it. A year earlier you were crowned Under-23 World Triathlon champion.

How, in the space of one year, did you progress to be world champion?

How did you manage this and fit in all your training?

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