Dating and meeting plp

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Dating and meeting plp

I am currently looking to further my career in the field of psychology by becoming a Licensed Psychological Associate (LPA) so that I can work in mental health settings outside of school districts.

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I have also been trained to conduct neurobehavioral exams to aid in neuropsychological diagnostics.If you would like to review my resume, please email me at [email protected] in the Beaumont area I am located in Beaumont, Texas and I recently graduated with a master of science in clinical psychology and would like to offer my skills in testing and assessment in return for experience and guidance. Seeking Employment: Houston area LPA/LPC with 17/11 years of experience, including DARS/DDS evaluations. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] you'd be interested in additional information.I am a Licensed Psychological Associate (LPA) and seeking employment in the Houston area.The position is a permanent and long-term assignment.Pay rate will be per test and depends on 3rd party reimbursement rates and contract agreements.I have a background in administering neuropsychological testing to clients with Alzheimer's or memory disorders.

I am experienced in using WAIS-IV, ADAS, BNT, plus many more assessment tools.I have graduate school training in WISC-IV, Rorschach, TAT, MMPI-2.I can provide a detailed list of assessment experience if requested.Creativity, innovation, and the ability to analyze and implement improvements are the talents/strengths I would provide to any position. Please contact me if you have a position available or would like to review my resume.Danny Ridley, MA, LPASugar Land, Tex [email protected](contract)Psychological ARTS has been providing psychological services to the Austin area for over 35 years.I am sure that my enthusiastic and amicable demeanor paired with my professional experience will be an asset to your organization or private practice.