Dating in neurosurgery

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There is no need for a stereotactic frame and no need for the patients to be awake and off of their Parkinson’s medications, so patients tolerate the procedure well.

So what better way to get an inside peek at life as a surg tech than to speak with a prominent surgeon? Bill Thorell, MD, Director of Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery for Nebraska Medicine, to find out what he looks for in a surgical technologist. Thorell speaks to Nebraska Methodist College surg tech students every year, and his presentation is eye-opening to those who are about to embark on their own careers in the operating room.

The software will also improve accuracy by automating some steps that were previously dependent on the user. It has since substantially shortened operating times for DBS procedures at UCSF.

In June 2010, Clear Point was approved for clinical use by the U.

The shorter operative times and fewer brain penetrations may lead to less confusion postoperatively, particularly in older patients.

It may ultimately result in a lower hemorrhage risk as well, but this remains to be established.

If you’re at all interested in the field of surgical technology, then you’ll definitely want to hear his thoughts on what makes a good surg tech.

Technical Knowhow Is Only The Beginning Before I interviewed Dr.

In conjunction with Alastair Martin Ph D in the Department of Radiology, Jill Ostrem MD in the Department of Neurology, and others, Starr and Larson developed a technique of implantation using a modified but commercially available skull-mounted aiming device and custom-made, MR-compatible surgical instruments.

After validating the techniques with numerous phantom studies, they began performing i MRI implantations in patients in 2004.

Recognizing Differences Not only are no two cases alike, but no two surgeons are alike either.

As a result, fairly similar procedures could be conducted using different techniques depending on the surgeon taking the lead. Thorell puts it, every surgeon has his or her idiosyncrasies.

Without picking up on those cues, the surgeon will have to spend time clearing things up.