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Louis Davison, 22, of Westgate Road, Newcastle, admitted conspiracy to supply NPS and affray.He was given 12 months suspended for 12 months with 180 hours unpaid work.

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The charges in full Steven Southam, 33, of Ripon Street, Roker, Sunderland, admitted two counts of conspiracy to supply NPS.Eric married Dorothy Southam and together they had three children, Joy, Donald, and Neil.The family liked nothing better than weekends at their Glenbow Ranch, where they hunted, fished, and camped out under canvas beneath the prairie sky.According to further details uncovered by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, this abuse and forced incestuous relationships had been taking place for multiple generations.As the case was investigated, authorities learned that a number of Goler children were victims of sexual abuse at the hands of fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers, cousins, and each other.The Golers lived together in two shacks in a remote wooded area south of the community of White Rock, outside the town of Wolfville.

Like most other mountain clans, they were isolated from most of the residents of the farming district in the Annapolis Valley and most of the nearby towns.

In total, 11 suspects were eventually charged in connection with supplying NPS.

Some were also charged with the supply of harder Class A drugs.

Donna Goler, one of the abused children who was removed from the Goler household when she was 11, has become an outspoken activist for stricter child abuse laws, and for stronger protection of children from convicted child molesters.

The raid, which took place in Newcastle, had been targeting vulnerable people in the city centre and supplying them with New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) - now known as "lethal highs" - which left them in a "zombified" state.

Authorities had largely ignored them for a century or more, despite documents dating to the 1860s that showed the prevalence of inter-family relationships through high rates of birth defects and mental retardation, although the county's low-income housing society had been working to build 565-square-feet 'hearth homes'.

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