Dating when youre septated

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Last week we found out we were pregnant, and based on my last period they estimated I was 9 weeks.I’ve always had irregular periods so we did not expect that to be accurate.

After he got my records, he had me at the urologist in 5 days and here we are. Got a second opinion from a well known surgeon at a New York hospital and turned out only needed a partial nephrectomy. Stopped taking meds on the second day home as I couldn't handle the side effects. Thought it would be gone by now, surgery was November 26, 2012. On another note, lately, for about the past month, I keep smelling something that reminds me of old spice gone bad. i did experience some "strange" smells...i don't notice them as often..sure what they husband did not ever smell anything. what they didn't tell me was it was found in 2/13 but the new ct scan showed it went from 3.3cm cyst to 4.5x3.4 x4.5 in 6months. The tech doing the exam said she saw more enhancmets as well but that didn't end up in written report.

This is all based on my poor memory and what I was told. If possible, I'd try to find a specialist that really knows kidney cancer. The emotions and anxiety you are feeling are normal and will will take your mind awhile to adjust to what is going on, sometimes it takes longer to heal mentally than physically from this ordeal so don't be afraid to seek professional help if you need it.

They said they wouldn't know which it was until it came out. It was 6.8 cm and mine was in the middle of the kidney in the middle of the blood supply so no way to do a partial nephrectomy. I wouldn't have a nephrectomy based on an ultrasound. We're not doctors, but there is a solid group of knowledgeable and supportive people here and we'll help you along the way if you need it so keep us posted. 3cm is small, and if it's squarely in the bottom lobe, you'd likely be stage 1 and have a very good prognosis that this surgery would cure you. I read somewhere that these tumors grow between 0.1 and 0.8 cm per month. I wish mine had gotten caught a year ago when I first had symptoms. The first case of gross hematuria was on my birthday in December of 2011.

As gary said, drink lots of water and walk soon and as much as you can get yourself to do it. It was never noticed until I was doubled over in pain and peeing out blood faster than a couple college kids draining a keg.

Todd's experience does sound like sloppy doctoring to me. Mine being chromophobe - the most indolent form - it reached 9 cm before I got the first frank haematuria by which time it was already incurable by any means known to medical science so far (so says the leading expert, Dr. ) Mine gave the appearance of having cleared up but my GP continued to test samples and even when they appeared clear he said they had "just as much blood" as when obviously red-brown - i.e.

Cysts are quite common in people over the age of 50. procedure you can plan on 2 to 4 days in the hospital and a couple weeks down time afterwards before you feel like doing much.

It turned out to be clear cell RCC (renal cell carcinoma) and the tumor was stage 3a. I think the term mass is more accurate until they figure out what it is. Everyone is different as far as recovery and healing goes, but if you have a lap. They will probably confirm the diagnosis with a CT. Usually under 4 cm bodes well for a complete recoovery from the surgery alone.I recently was diagnosed with a complex renal cyst and the doctor told me 90% that it was cancer. If the doctor said it's 90% likely to be cancer, then it's probably a mass or a tumor. Prayer and meditation and doing something you enjoy might help. Don't worry too much about the pain, that will be managed well in the hospital and you'll have a plan to handle it before you leave.Scheduled for ultrasound (found cyst during a belly pain MRI). Perhaps by complex they meant they aren't sure what it is? Many of us have spent the first few nights at home in a recliner as it is more comfortable and easier to get in and out of than a bed. They found a mass in my right kidney at the end of November which turned out to be cancer and I had my kidney removed in early December. BTW, mine was 4.2cm and over three years ago and mine was a laporascopic full nephrectomy, a partial like yours is better yet as it retains kidney function.

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