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While reselling is often looked down upon in the sneaker community, it’s a necessary part of the game.Sneakerheads will say, “Resellers are killing the sneaker game,” or “Let the people who actually want the sneakers buy them,” but let’s be honest It’s hard to talk about sneaker resellers without Flight Club.

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—​Index is Portland’s premier sneaker consignment store.In addition to its retail store, it’s also expanded into Sole Steals, a subscription-based site that offers sneakers up to 40% off market value, and Sole Restorer, a sneaker restoration service.With the way things are going, we can only expect Sole Supremacy to make even bigger moves in the future.Its inventory offers everything from general release Air Jordans to limited sneakers from brands like Nike and adidas, all competitively priced, and it’s even open to matching or beating prices from other shops.Since opening in 2010, the company has long outgrown its original space, moving twice to accommodate the growing operation.It’s hard to predict exactly where Stadium Goods will be in years to come, but the future’s looking bright at the moment.

—Ed Mateo and boasts three physical locations throughout California: Two in Los Angeles, and another in San Francisco.The retailer has opened locations in Los Angeles and briefly ran a space in Tokyo, too.The shop has had its pop-cultural moments, featured in the HBO series The story of the underdog that takes over the throne is always a compelling one, and newcomer Stadium Goods is making that case in New York City right now.Not even a year old, the shop, which is run by industry veterans John Mc Pheters and Yu-Ming Wu, is letting people know that it’s offering the best customer experience in the cityor anywhere else.With a physical location near Chinatown, Stadium Goods has an online store, too, and also launched partnerships with e Bay and sneaker reselling app GOAT, which could make it the leader in consignment shoe retailing in the future.In addition to e Bay, Sole Supremacy has a full-fledged online store and an in-store operation where shoppers go to buy, trade and consign sneakers.

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