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— See more at: Eddy was a part of the Blues extravaganza at Governors State University which brought together Chicago’s favorite bluesmen and women with Billy Branch and The Sons of Blues.The youngest member of the Blues cartel, Jamiah Rogers who was so honored to be on stage with the blues master, Eddy Clearwater.

More albums for Rooster Blues, Blind Pig, Bullseye Blues, and his own Cleartone imprint followed, along with assorted European releases, leading to widely acclaimed releases for Bullseye Blues (Rock “n” Roll City, with Los Straitjackets) and Alligator (West Side Strut) as well as his own label Cleartone Records which his newest release, “Soul Funky” Live is on.Not every town has a Chicago Blues Legend living in the neighborhood.Skokie, IL is lucky enough to call ‘The Chief’ their hometown legend.‘This is where I create my music, I practice with my band and I enjoy my family and friends.He may be on stages at the RAWA Festival in Poland or Muddy’s Club in Germany, but he loves to entertain at his annual birthday bash just over the border at Evanston’s, SPACE where all his neighbors and friends come out for a good do you play that left handed and upside down’ —That evening was one of the greatest moments of my life playing with my two mentors and guitar heroes.

They both told me, just keep on practicing and remember to always be humble and give your all to the audience.

I have carried that philosophy with me all of my life and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.”—Eddy The big birthday celebration ended with the whole audience singing happy birthday to Eddy and the band of blues brothers on stage playing, 'Got Your Mojo Workin’ and did they ever.

Eddy's fans were in the aisles dancing the night away and singing along.

“The Blues Hall of Fame Museum will display beautiful stage costumesworn by Eddy ‘the Chief’ Clearwater, including a fabulous Native American headdress.

The Blues Foundation thanks Eddy Clearwater and Renee Greenman for the generous donation of these artifacts.”THE CHIEF.....

‘I’m so honored to be a part of this concert and to play on the same stage with ‘The Chief’.

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