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Ms Hannides said: 'He told my mum his wife had cheated on him and he was single now.'He asked her to join him at the Billionaire Mansion club later that evening and she posed for a picture with the boxer and his brother.The make-up artist said she accidentally brushed into a woman hanging around the VIP area at the Billionaire Mansion club prompting her friend to lash out.

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But as hard times arrive in the city state that rose from the desert sands, an uglier story is emerging.He was looking after us.'He had has hands around my waist and we were all dancing and happy and having a really good night.'It must have been jealousy.'I had this beautiful white dress on, we were all having a good time and maybe because Amir wasn't giving her the time of day, she was jealous.'Amir's brother was saying to her 'what are you doing in this circle in our area' and it must have upset her.'Next thing she went to hit me but I was with it so I grabbed her wrist and with her other hand she glassed me straight in the face.'It was pure jealousy.I can't think that it would be anything else.'She wasn't even supposed to be there.'I thought I was going to go blind.A solicitor said: 'The starting point will be a division of all assets.A British woman suffered horrific injuries and will be scarred for life after she was allegedly glassed by a jealous air hostess while partying with love split boxer Amir Khan.Ms Hannides, who was in Dubai with her 53-year-old mother Denise, spent 12 hours in the hospital receiving five stitches for her wounds.

She said: 'We are all just having a really, really, good night and it was just a small group of us.'We were all with Amir and he was keeping it very close knit.'If he lost sight of me he would always try and find me or pull my hand.

Amir's brother Haroon told the hostess to leave the roped off section - so she allegedly smashed a glass into Ms Hannides' eye - leaving her covered in blood.'It was really crowded and you were accidentally brushing into everyone around you - that's just how it is,' she said.'She said to me: "You're pushing into one of my friends", and I told her I hadn't even touched her friend.'I said to her: "Why are you guys even in here?

" and Amir said the same to her as well.'She swung up her hand to hit me and I blocked it but she smashed the glass into me with the other hand.'I went down. I couldn't see and I thought I was going to go blind.'With a huge gash above her eye and glass embedded in her cheek, the brunette was helped into an ambulance by security. Amir and his brother said they couldn't come with us because it would be bad press.'I understand but I would have expected him to find out what happened to me when he left.'I think all he could think about was how it would look in the papers.' Ms Hannides said police told the woman to pay a fine of 1,000 dirham which is around £200 and if she wanted to take it further, she’d need to surrender her passport and remain in Dubai until the court case.

The warring couple married in 2013 at New York's Waldorf Astoria hotel, with rights to the £800,000 bash sold to a glossy mag.

But he announced the shock split on Twitter and accused her of seeking a fling with fellow British boxer Anthony Joshua, which she and the world heavyweight champion have strongly denied.

In exclusive footage obtained by Mail Online, Khan left the gig at The Dome in Dubai Sports City with his hand placed on the woman's bottom. They were very intimate.'The Bolton-born boxer has been linked to Pakistan model Alyzeh Gabol, 23, after he posted a happy birthday message for her on Instagram.

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