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As a community coordinator, scholar, and activist they are focused on dismantling all forms of oppression and on creating equity for queer and trans people of color.This year they are planning Queer Leadership Retreat, retention programs for queer scholars, and are hosting some identity based awareness days.

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In their free time, Joel loves to cook, play Pokemon, and repeatedly watch their favorite show, Charmed. Mat(ti) loves music, podcasts, graphic novels, sci-fi, and piercings so feel free to share any or all with them (^_^) The Center and Queer community have been amazing resources for them over the years, and they hope can give back even a little of what ya'll have given them Matt “Lemon” Reese is a gender non-conforming queer scholar in his fourth year of a Linguistics & Chinese B. In his future, Matt hopes to become a tenured linguistics professor at a major research university.

We are located on the UC Davis main campus, across the street from Rock Hall and diagonally across the traffic circle from the Silo (SCC on the campus map).

Joanna is a self-identified fat femme queer [email protected], first generation scholar, child of Mexican immigrant parents, born and raised in San Diego, California, in Logan Heights.

She identifies as Bla Q and Deliberate in every way, with a passion for authentic connection, and disrupting respectability politics.

Monae attributes most of her foundational understanding of social justice to her time spent working and taking courses at Temple University.

Angelo Quiroz is an agender queer scholar and artist in his 3rd year studying Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies and Psychology.

After they graduate, Angelo plans on pursuing a masters related to counseling and rehabilitation in hope of addressing trauma and effects of social stigma on queer communities.

Mat(ti) Talton is a Queer fat, Black, genderqueer, atheistic, neurodivergent n3rd in their final year at UC Davis. Matt is also President of the UC Davis chapter of Delta Lambda Phi, Social Fraternity (DLP).

As a brother of DLP he works to improve the lives of queer students on and off campus.

Maia Huang has been a licensed marriage and family therapist since 2007.

She received her undergraduate degree from The Evergreen State College in 1994 and her MA in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Expressive Arts Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies in 2004.

She currently focuses on analyzing how stigma connected to sexual activity reinforces various systems of oppression.