Feminist women dating

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Feminist women dating - who is gerard way dating

If you’ve seen my “Single Women Are NOT Evil” video, then you have some basic idea of how I feel about some of the ways in which women are treated when it comes to dating and perceptions about who they are and what they are about.Dating While Feminist (DWF) is its own separate issue, though, and I’ll admit that I’ve probably given too much thought to it recently.

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I guess the answer to this question really depends on how much their non-feminism is going to bother you and whether or not the person you’re dating is open to the idea of feminism and willing to try and understand why it is so important to you.One of the women at the last Moonlight Feminist Wine Club asked: does it make us bad feminists if our partner or the person we want to date does not identify with feminism?The women at the meeting all had different answers: some absolutely could never date a non-feminist and some are currently dating people who do not like to associate with the ‘f’ word.Especially because being scared of the word feminism doesn’t make you a misogynist.I’m an advocate for asking your date, if it’s appropriate, something like, “so what do you think about feminism?But how do we identify and avoid these anti-feminist types in our dating lives?

Should we just straight up ask them while on the first date?Maybe your boyfriend is pretty much a feminist in all of his actions, but he just hasn’t fully embraced the word yet- that’s ok.Or maybe your boyfriend proudly calls himself a feminist but his actions don’t quite match up, which makes you feel uncomfortable- that’s not ok.” This is the perfect answer if that person is not a feminist explicitly because they do not believe women are equal to men.For me it would be like dating a Nazi empathiser or a Donald Trump supporter – never going to happen.Both of my serious relationships have been with men who have shied away from identifying with the word “feminism.” But both of these men were curious about my passion and despite their moments of defence and our many clashes of ideas, I have a feeling that at their next date they say, “I AM A PROUD FEMINIST.” And I am proud to have without a doubt contributed to their feminist enlightening.

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