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9 auto insurance deals you could be missing - Soldiers, sorority sisters and smart kids get special savings. Save on Auto Insurance by Driving Less by Tiana Bodine - Fewer miles means a lower premium.Stretching Boomers Auto Insurance Dollars by John Pirro - Don't pay needlessly high auto insurance rates.

Health insurance frequently asked questions - Find out what you want to know, starting with the basic question: What is health insurance?

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courtesy of - It's bad enough you have to buy it, but don't buy more than you need. - Can I recoup additional costs after my insurer has reimbursed me for my wrecked car? - When you don't pay your premium all at once, you may face fees you won't believe. - Some car coverage is mandatory, and some is optional but can still be a good idea. - Your age and credit help determine your auto insurance rate. Auto Liability Insurance by Gary Foreman Do You Need that Rental Car Coverage? GAP Insurance by Mark Albertson - A gap in your auto coverage could cost you thousands!

Will car insurance pay for extra expenses incurred in an accident? - Your credit record can be about as important as your driving record to an insurance company. - See if you should pay hundreds for coverage against the totaling of a new car. - Skip the rental car company if you need low-cost insurance. 8 Ways to Save on Auto Insurance by Vernon Williams - Fight the increase in driving costs.6 questions about Medicare Advantage plans - Not sure if a Medicare Advantage plan is right for you or which plan to choose? 6 sneaky health care and insurance 'gotchas' - Beware of "free" care that isn't really free and other medical billing booby traps.Picking the right health insurance plan for you - We cut through insurance-speak to help you compare plans and make a good choice.The link between credit and insurance cost - You've worked hard to pay off your mortgage. Insurance Rates & Your Credit Score - Your auto insurance could be costing you more because of your credit score return to the Library Subject Index What Does Medicare Cover?courtesy of Daily - Find out before the bills arrive How to Avoid Medicare Mistakes by Carol Marak - Don't jeopardize your financial or physical health 5 Options for Medications Not Covered by Medicare courtesy of Daily - Medicare doesn't cover all drugs 10 things you must know before signing up for Medicare - Medicare has many enrollment periods, including one going on right now. Medicare 101 courtesy of - Your first step to choosing a Medicare plan is knowing your choices.Some of them are making serious mistakes when they sign up. - Seniors covered by health insurance may not have to rush to sign up for Medicare.