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Again, please be mindful that students often progress through the system at different paces.YELLOW BELT : 3 Months ORANGE BELT: 3 Months GREEN BELT: 6 Months BLUE BELT: 12 Months BROWN BELT: 12 Months BLACK BELT I : 12 Months Minimum BLACK BELT II : 24 Months From Green Belt to Black Belt, there are 3 pre-tests, 3 months apart, for each belt.

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Class requirement is the number of classes, and duration requirement is the length of time training.

Please also review Your First Gynecologic Visit and The Breast Self Exam on the ACOG website.

A trusted physician-patient relationship is an important tool in safeguarding an adolescent’s reproductive health.

Adolescence It’s important to develop a pattern of open, honest communication with your daughter long before puberty begins.

Maintaining that constant dialog during adolescence will make discussions about menstruation and growing up much easier and more informative for both of you.

While pelvic examinations (including pap smears) are not usually recommended for otherwise healthy women until age 21, annual exams for younger patients are important for establishing the doctor-patient relationship and for age-appropriate discussions of anatomical development, body image, self-confidence, weight management, immunizations (including the human papillomavirus vaccine), contraception, and prevention of sexually-transmitted infections (STIs).

Women receive an annual manual breast exam, and are taught how to perform their own monthly breast exams at home.

Recommended reading for girls and parents includes ACOG’s downloadable “A Girls Guide to Becoming a Teen” as well as Your First Period and Puberty and Menstruation.

A first visit to an obstetrician-gynecologist is recommended for girls between the ages of 13 and 15 years.

-Students will attempt to refrain from usage of profanity.

-There is a zero tolerance for sexual harassment within the BCKM family.

-Students will keep their personal hygiene at a level that is pleasing to others. shower, brush teeth, wear deodorant, and wear a clean outfit.) -Students will always give 150% in class and exercise coachability at all times.

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