Hearing aids and dating

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These holes acted as the receiving area for the acoustics, which were transmitted to the back of the throne via a speaking tube, and into the king's ear.

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This early 1980s photo shows a hearing aid with a transistor that is worn over the chest with shoulder straps.Rein pioneered many notable designs, including his 'acoustic headbands', where the hearing aid device was artfully concealed within the hair or headgear.Reins' Aurolese Phones were headbands, made in a variety of shapes, that incorporated sound collectors near the ear that would amplify the acoustics.Hearing aids were also hidden in couches, clothing, and accessories.This drive toward ever increasing invisibility was often more about hiding the individual's disability from the public than about helping the individual cope with his problem.Telephones were able to control the loudness, frequency, and distortion of sounds.

These abilities were used in the creation of the hearing aid.By the late 20th century, the digital hearing aid was distributed to the public commercially.Some of the first hearing aids were external hearing aids.After the signal was converted, it would be amplified when it moved to the receiver.The hearing aid weighed seven pounds, which made it light enough to be carried.Marconi in England and Western Electric in the US began marketing vacuum tube hearing aids in 1923.

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