Is chris harrison dating anyone

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Is chris harrison dating anyone

I used to travel daily on Country Bus RTs from Godstone and East Grinstead and they all had the plain green discs, except one particular bus (don’t ask me which one).

The Country Bus and Coach department, which was handed over to the National Bus Company, had no obligation to follow the same path.

A slightly different one – unprintable in ‘family’ circumstances – was in a trade magazine which crossed my desk some years ago.

Fortunately the hierarchy realised in time, and decided not to use NBG after all!

Manchester was one of a number of undertakings that for a period specified rear wheel trims.

Much to the annoyance of Head Office, certain depots removed them as soon as possible with the regular excuse of ‘lost in service’. The real reasons for removal was brake overheating, time in removing and replacing them when wheels had to be changed and, most importantly, the need to regularly check wheel nuts for tightness which later became a mandatory regular check and, as I understand it, it was at that time that the London wheel trims disappeared in short order. They all seemed to disappear from buses almost overnight. This was, of course long before the days of wheel nut indicators or hubometers, so the ‘falling off’ incident sounds eminently plausible.

So it seems that I may have got my wires crossed with my previous suggestion.

I confess to have not thought about this feature before, but I cannot recall ever noting a bus of the RF, RT or RM family in service without those smart rear wheel trims.

Thus the Broadway/Chiswick dynasty that had effectively reigned since the days of the General came to an abrupt end.

All new brooms like to be seen to sweep clean, even if some of the items thus discarded are of benefit.

The trims were a tight fit around the wheel rim so if the spring failed the disk would initially stay in place by centrifugal force.

A change in speed or an uneven road surface would, eventually, dislodge the trim but with LT’s vehicles engines governed to low speeds and, even in the country areas, slow traffic, I just wonder what speeds could be attained to have the trim fly off so as to cause injury.

As far as I know, they were never fitted to the later “off the peg” designs operated in London.

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