Is taylor swift dating the lead singer of parachute

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Is taylor swift dating the lead singer of parachute - womanescortsdating com

While it's not confirmed, it's rumored that Taylor began seeing the Kennedy cutie eight months after breaking things off with Parachute frontman Will Anderson, making the "Begin Again" lines, "I've been spending the last eight months / Thinking all love ever does / Is break and burn and end" particularly relevant. Harry Styles knew he was trouble when he walked in.If that isn't quite convincing enough, the hidden message in the "Everything Has Changed" liner notes is blatantly obvious: "HYANNIS PORT." Taylor has been snapped at Conor Kennedy's famous family compound in Massachusetts multiple times, and even purchased a house next door to her then-boyfriend, which she subsequently sold after their breakup. Apparently this romance ended when Harry was snapped locking lips with American model Emma Ostilly, and the heartbroken Taylor Swift wasted no time penning "I Knew You Were Trouble" about the One Direction member.

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How about Parachute's Will Anderson, who Taylor reportedly dated in late 2011?

The subject of the hit song was confirmed by T Swift herself when she acknowledged that her performance of the song at the 2013 BRIT awards was emotional when the guy who inspired it was standing nearby.

As we all know, the breakup of the predictably ill-fated couple wasn't exactly amicable...

We're being told that whenever T-Swizz is in Nashville, she spends "at least 3-4 times a week" at Will's house.

Oh, and we've also been informed that the two made snowglobes together! AND the two posted the SAME PHOTOS on Instagram!!!!!

The first one is an ex boyfriend who "didn't like it when I wore high heels", "didn't get this song", and never thought she was funny. It is the first date she goes on after 8 months of getting over her ex-boyfriend.

He is very sweet to her "But you got here early/You pulled my chair out and helped me in." Who are these two guys?Then there's the line in "State of Grace" about "twin fire signs," and, what do you know, both Taylor and Jake share a Sagittarius astrological sign (sneaky detective work, whomever figured that one out - kudos). Taylor Lautner Taylor (Swift) made this one relatively easy for us to figure out, hiding "TAY" in the album lyrics for the melancholy "Back to December." Plus, the hunky, golden god definitely fits the, "I miss your tanned skin, your sweet smile / So good to me, so right" description (at least the first part...We have to admit, we kind of loved these two together... although we're pretty sure he's an amazing boyfriend, too).Absolutely not (or else, you know, Vulture would already have done it).This "friend" had to be an industry type, some sort of producer or label exec or at least the person who dusts Max Martin's Magical Hit Wand.Taylor swift gets a bad rap for being dramatic, but we get the sense this one might have been spot-on (although John Mayer clearly didn't think so).