Is van hansis and jake silbermann dating

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Is van hansis and jake silbermann dating

And with daytime shunning so many of the gay characters you love to love over the past year, it is Van who has carried so much of the torch, when so many other LGBT characters came and went. I think it takes a really special actor to take a character like that, who on paper can look like an asshole, and he has basically made him someone to root for. Honestly, going into this thing when Eric was cast, I had the idea that he and Luke would hook-up.Now, with his first feature film under his belt, a bright future ahead of him, and a huge fan fest coming up next month for Van fans to see the guy in the flesh, he has it going on! But I did not know it would go as far as it has gone, or that it would become a real triangle, and a real relationship!

You know, I loved the election storyline that led into the Brian storyline, and that too, was one of my other favorites.

and in 2008, a kiss between two gay characters prompted 145 complaints from viewers who were "appalled by the display of homosexual kissing before the watershed [...] whilst young children are watching".

The BBC released a statement saying: "We approach our portrayal of homosexual relationships in the same way as we do heterosexual relationships.

It’s exciting for me to play, since Luke has been with the same person for three years now.

But it’s interesting, because Reid brings out things in Luke that Noah hasn’t in a long time. I think it’s kind of back to what first started with Luke and Noah: the thrill of a new relationship.

But Reid has a lot of issues himself, and I don’t know if Luke is ready to go there and be with somebody who isn’t that nice a person to him.

That being said, there were times when Noah wasn’t trying to be actively mean, like Reid was. MICHAEL: It sounds like you are having a good time with this triangle! This is one of my favorite stories I have ever told, and it is so nice to go out with a bang. MICHAEL: Recently, I interviewed ATWT’s head writer, Jean Passanante, and she spoke about the introduction of Reid to the Oakdale canvas as a spoiler for Nuke, and how she was shocked by the response from a good portion of the fans.But Noah could ignore Luke, and Luke would get needy around Noah. She said, “We are getting positive feedback for Luke and Reid. (Laughs) MICHAEL: When I spoke to Jean, I also asked her if she was to foresee what the lives of Luke, Noah and Reid would be like five years from now after ATWT goes off the air, what would she envision?And who would’ve imagined we could bring anyone between Luke and Noah? I thought people would yell, ‘You can’t do that.’ But it’s been great! I think Lu Re sort of rolls off the tongue better than Ruke. Jean stated, “Since this is completely speculative; someone gets married, and someone wants to adopt children. It would be interesting to play that there is nothing in the world that Reid would like to do less than get married…I never heard the idea of the story of Luke wanting to get married, and that it would be the last thing Reid would want to do. MICHAEL: Do you think Luke would ever want to get married? I think if the show were to go on, what I would like to see for Luke is that he stops hiding himself behind his relationships.And to actually get off his ass out there and do something.It screened the first mouth-to-mouth gay soap kiss in the UK in 1989, leading some MPs to call for the programme to be banned.