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Never, ever, please and tell.” Miss Morgan laughed and then caught herself. “But, before you reject me, keep in mind I will never tell. You know that I always strive to do the best at everything I do.” I slipped my foot out of my shoe and allowed my foot to slide up my teacher’s leg.This startled her, but as I hoped, she did not move away or ask me to stop. I reached for my purse and pulled out a piece of paper.

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I smiled, handed her a coffee, and greeted, "Hi, Miss Morgan" She sat down tentatively and took the drink. She was clearly attempting to come to grips with the reality of the situation. I waited for a response from her, my heart pounding.

” “Yes, it was her idea, but it is ok, Miss Morgan.

Mistress Megan is in control of Karen too and there is one key rule to submission. I am your teacher.” “If that is how you feel, Miss Morgan, I will respect that,” I responded.

I looked deep into her eyes, “My school Mistress, the one responsible for my sudden popularity is....” “Karen,” she whispered, putting two and two together. ” “Just thinking about the week and how odd you were acting and I recalled Karen’s smirks,” Miss Morgan reflected.

I agreed, “Yes, Mistress Karen has been giddy all week with the thought of your seduction.” “Oh my God,” Miss Morgan gasped, “Karen knows about this too?

I felt something more than just pleasure, something more than just the heat of the moment, something completely different and foreign.

I couldn’t explain it, or quantify it, but none the less it was embedded deep in my heart.I went to the teen section and browsed the new titles.There is just something so exciting about holding a book in your hand.But mostly, although I wouldn't label it love, or lust either, my feelings for Ashley were different from anything I had ever felt before.I mean, I had greatly enjoyed my newfound submissiveness and all that followed, but my time with Ashley was different.Not to mention, even if we did start a taboo lesbian relationship, I already had not one but two Mistresses. I grabbed a fruit smoothie and a muffin, and sat down to read and relax.

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    She also made waves as one of the first openly gay celebrities, proudly playing on her image in an iconic Vanity Fair cover that showed supermodel Cindy Crawford shaving the singer as she sat in a barber chair.

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    Either route will access the expression editor, shown in Figure 1.

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    In June 2011, Apple announced "i Tunes in the Cloud", in which music purchases were stored on Apple's servers and made available for automatic downloading on new devices.