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    The drama didn't get better in episode 2 nor 3, at which point I spent a few minutes on one of the following episodes and gave up. I hope that the writers will follow it up with Season 2, with Jang Mi and Gi Tae raising their own kids... i just can not stop watching jang mi and ki tae (both of you, Han Groo and Yeon Woo Jin is seriously cute). Wish there was a way to like yeo-reum but other than his looks there is nothing.. its just like how americans are obsessed with tanning but with asians they like being white bc back in the days if you were fair skinned it meant you came from a well off family vs those who had to labor n work the field. It's the perfect summer drama and I'm glad I clicked on the first episode.

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    This is how Samantha knew she was growing up: She didn't cry.