Liquidating a company capital gains

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Income may be generated for the bankruptcy estate because the debtor’s property was either sold or there was a taxable transfer to a third party. However, the debtor's other taxable events in the year and available net operating loss carryovers from prior years are considered in calculating the tax.

In the event that the company has a Supervisory Board, this body should approve the shareholders' resolution to dissolve the company.

The resolution to dissolve and liquidate must be registered with the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce.

As from the moment of the dissolution, the Dutch words "" should be added to all publications, letters and announcements of or by the company.

The liquidating plan may also provide for the transfer of substantially all of the debtor’s assets to a Liquidating Trust.

(For more insight, see our recent blog post - In any of these liquidation scenarios, the bankruptcy estate may realize substantial capital gains income after considering the debtor's adjusted basis in the property. One disadvantage of an asset sale, as opposed to a transfer of assets under a confirmed plan of reorganization, is the lack of any exemption from stamp taxes or similar taxes under Section 1146 of the Bankruptcy Code.

If all the relevant conditions for ESC/C16 to apply are satisfied, distributions made in circumstances described in CTM36205 will be treated as if they were capital distributions made in the course of a formal winding-up.

The company is treated as if it had begun a formal winding-up either on the date the company declared its intentions to seek or accept striking off and dissolution, or at an earlier date if the company had then ceased to carry on business and commenced to distribute its assets.Companies experiencing financial distress sometimes use a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case to liquidate substantially all their assets.The liquidation may be through asset sales that are approved by the bankruptcy court through a motion to sell under Section 363 of the Bankruptcy Code. Ed.2d 203 (2008) (Section 1146 of the Bankruptcy Code is inapplicable to asset sales outside of a confirmed plan). Therefore, the debtor's tax attribute carryovers from prior tax periods become available to offset the federal income tax liability of the bankruptcy estate during the bankruptcy case.Entrepreneurs’ Relief is available, if the relevant conditions are satisfied, for capital distributions made in respect of shares disposed of as a result of the winding up of a company.For distributions which took place before 1 March 2012, extra-statutory concession C16 may be applicable where a company is wound up “informally”.However in daily practice the liquidation of a BV may become burdensome and time consuming, in particular if the financial position of the company is not clear at the moment of liquidation or if there are more shareholders which are entitled to a stake in the companies assets/ liabilities.

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