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The five major organized crime families (Gambino, Genovese, Luccese, Colombo, and Bonanno) call New York home and control a good deal of its commerce.

Moving all the way across the country to the east coast, we find one of the original states of the great union of ours; New York.You can’t live in New York (unless maybe you’re very rich) and not feel the effects of gang activity. Not surprisingly, because of proliferation of gang activity, New York continues to be on the losing end of dealing with crime and protecting its law abiding citizens.This leads us to the next item on our list of why you might not want to call New York home.Unfortunately, it seems that New Yorkers are just as likely to be a victim of police brutality as they are crime. New York has the young West African immigrant who was shot 19 times while standing in front of his apartment by 4 plain clothed police officers.Cases of police misconduct are legendary in New York – so much so, I could write a Top Tenz list simply on that topic alone.Amazingly (or maybe not so amazingly), it’s rare that any of these cops are ever convicted of anything – regardless of the weighty evidence against them in many instances.

Consider that since 2001, there have been 287 people that have been killed by New York law enforcement officials.

You want to get a job – you might have to deal with the mob.

You want to live in a particular area- you might have to deal with the mob.

Even the folks in the state’s capital – no, it’s not New York folks, its Albany – spend more time legislating around the affairs of the state’s (the worlds? And let’s be honest – just how many cities in the state of New York can the average person on the streets name? The rest of the state and its residents get the short end of the stick – from its legislatures needed attention to public funding – it’s the Big Apple or bust.

Truth is stranger than fiction and organized crime is a reality that has plagued New York and law enforcement since the early 1900s.

No wonder there are so many gun advocates in the state.

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