Metal music dating

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I don’t think I slept a total of an hour the entire night!

But the amount of online comments that state with such vitriolic certainty that Decapitated’s accuser is lying shows there’s still a problem.

The distrust and derision of female metal fans seems like an easier option to some than the cognitive dissonance that comes with accepting someone you respect as an artist might also be capable of a crime Last week, reports surfaced that the Polish metal band Decapitated had been arrested on kidnapping charges after a fan visited their tour bus after a gig in Spokane, Washington State.

It emerged that the fan alleged the band had taken it in turns to rape her in the bus’s bathroom.

I figured that might be the case, but I just wanted to get out there and see what I could find.

I guess I will have to be a little more patient until I can get back there in a couple of months.

But being a female metal fan isn’t a choice between being a ladette or a groupie.

There’s no set criteria a woman must fit before she can enjoy metal purely for its sonic merits.At the time of writing, Decapitated were being held in an LA jail, awaiting extradition to Spokane to face the charges.The allegations are grim – and, it should be said, currently unproven as the investigation continues (the band deny all allegations against them) – but what’s even more sickening is the level of vitriol directed at the alleged victim.Then, I laid there half the night thinking about my hunt.I tried to tell myself to get some sleep so I’d be rested, but my mind wasn’t having it.I couldn’t wait to get there and start swinging around some old foundations.