Naruto dating games for guys

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Naruto dating games for guys - 2 methods dating fossils

Danzo was thankful to the gods that she was not a dream."Say I never got your name" the women said.

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There was an awkward silence until Danzo realized what he had said. Danzo closed his eyes waiting for his impending doom.Hiruzen got his icha icha and looked for the position.Kakashi had dropped off Naruto and Sayuri to the Uchiha manor and said goodbye in a perverted way.Danzo looking at the angered hokage knew what he was thinking."I couldn't take care of minato because of my enemies keeping tabs on me.And there was only one way for me to keep minato safe and that opportunity was taken away by you. Hiruzen understood since he too has lots of enemies.She looked down at her breasts with enthusiasm, and thought 'I hope Naruto-kun likes these' she then remembers what she saw Sakura do once when she was male so she grabs the lumps on her chest and squeezes them, not even a second later she was assaulted with feminine pleasure. She gently rubbed the outer lip-like edges with her index and middle finger, finding out that the pleasure she received from fondling her breasts was nothing compared to this.

When she was doing this, one person came to mind and it was Naruto.She was happy that he woke up, but pissed that he walked in on her when she was doing her 'practice' for future events. He figured out that the source was coming from the bathroom, when he suddenly realized that he hasn't gone to the bathroom for a long time, so he went in and was went to the toilet.'That is unless he plans to continue.' Sayuri thought. He didn't realize that Sayuri was there until he flipped the toilet and heard a groan and turned his head.Danzo looked at Hiruzen and thought 'I knew this day would come, the old man has gone senile'"So you had sex," Hiruzen said to danzo. Danzo sweat dropped 'how did this pervert become hokage' Danzo thought."It was amazing I guess, Himiko is just like Naruto, hyperactive and lots of stamina.Danzo nodded confused as to where this was going."How was it? And look at book 2 pg 98 a similar position like that." Danzo said.And since the war wasn't going to end any time soon I put Minato in the orphanage with his mother's last name namikaze name." danzo said Hiruzen was shocked, beyond shocked, danzo was Minato's father, but then another thought came 'HE GOT LAID BEFORE ME!