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She was apparently horrified that I had worn “her color.” Another woman also wore blue and got the same treatment.

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But that’s far off, so I’m unsure if I can tell her how to keep her own house.

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You say you love this woman, so kindly and honestly bring this issue to her attention.

Part of loving someone involves knowing when and how to bring constructive criticism to their attention, and this situation definitely qualifies. Meet the kids: My partner and I (mid-30s) have been together for just under a year and he’s wonderful.

Her bridesmaids wore the color, the close family wore the color. Other than a wedding invitation, we never had any contact with them prior to the event since a summer BBQ where dress codes were not discussed.

It seems that she casually told some of her friends not to wear blue, and I didn’t get the message.

It makes me feel hugely uncomfortable when I come over. She never sweeps or picks up the dog and cat poop in the backyard. A: You tell her exactly what you just told me—that the dog and cat hair situation in her house is out of control, that her backyard is riddled with animal waste and hazardous to walk through, that feeding animals on the same surface you prepare your own food is unhygienic, that this is an unusual lapse in cleanliness for her, and that it makes you not want to spend time in her home.

I feel like I have nowhere to feel comfortable when I’m there. You don’t have to wait until you move in together to bring this up, if you feel uncomfortable in her house right now, then it’s an issue.

A: Good Lord, this woman is grimly determined to be personally victimized by the color blue.

It’s a little trickier to keep your distance as hosts than it would be as mere guests, but at least you always have the excuse of needing to check on the grill/cooler/new arrivals if you need to quickly escape her conversation.

I’m wondering how to handle this situation, especially since I just got a call from a mutual friend saying that she called her sobbing about how this had really cast a pall over her day.

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