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Requests to the archdiocese for clarification have gone unanswered. Perhaps he stopped in in Africa en route to Dublin? There were a handful of us in the courtroom: Marcel Lalonde, his partner and a female who had accompanied the pair into the courthouse, my husband and I, and two women .

As they approached the entrance, they were joined by a tall gentleman. Not only does the ruling give us information about the nature of the charges and a bird’s eye veiw of the proceedings to date, it also helps us to understand the process.Let’s pray that justice is done and that this wolf in sheep’s clothing will serve at least a little while in jail for his crimes. Enough for now, Sylvia There are several things of note today: (1) Father Paul Breau Sex assault charges which had been laid against Father Paul (Archdiocese of Moncton) have been withdrawn: 07 December 2017: Priest accused of sexual assault won’t have to go through trial Did the plaintiff who filed the lawsuit alleging repeated sexual abuse in the early 80s at the hands of both Fathers Paul Breau and Yvon Arsenault go to police? Or, is there someone else who is reporting sexual abuse at the hands of Father Breau? (2) Father Hope Klutsey sma Father Hope Klutsey, as priest with the Society of African Missions arrived in the Archdiocese of Regina Saskatchewan December 2013 and departed suddenly and quietly in late October or early November 2017. No one knows why Father Klutsey was under investigation. (5) Marcel Lalonde I decided not to write up anything today regarding the acquittal of Marcel Lalonde. Best I wait 🙂 Please keep the complainant in your prayers. As you may already know from an earlier comment, previously convicted molester Marcel Lalonde has been acquitted.There has been no explanation aside news that he was said to have been under investigation by police, had been called back to Africa by his superior and that the police allowed him to leave. Enough for now, Sylvia Archdiocese of Moncton, Archdiocese of Regina, Basilians, Corner Brook and Labrador Diocese, Cornwall, defrocked, laicized, Milltown Institute, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Ontario, Saint George's Diocese, Saskatchewan, Society of African Missions A quick post… Justice Laurie Lacelle delivered her reasons for judgment this morning (Wednesday 06 Dec. The one thing I must get off my chest immediately is my absolute shock at the conduct of Assistant Crown Claudette Breault after the verdict was announced and the judge left the courtroom.I understand from what I heard that the complainant was at home with his mother waiting for word of the verdict. The aftermath aside, the judge’s ruling was one of those which went back and forth often leaving us hanging on a thread wondering which way she would finally rule. There isn’t a lot to say, but there are a few things which I do want to and must pass along, but now is not the time. Please keep the complainant and his family in your prayers.And here is what is bothering me terribly You would never for a moment have guessed that Ms. Nor for one moment would it have crossed your mind that the Assistant Crown might be thinking of the devastation that news of Lalonde’s acquittal would cause the complainant. ) Perhaps had the complainant been in the courtroom for the verdict things would have been different? Please keep the complainant in your prayers, Enough for now, Sylvia : 10 am, VERDICT, Cornwall, Ontario courthouse (29 Second St. ***** Father George Ansel Smith is headed back to jail.X” in with the thirteen other victims and run the sentence concurrent to the previous sentence. Smith’s high level of moral responsibility for the offence; the nature of the breach of trust which occurred; and the long term negative consequences suffered by Mr. However I do have one memory that stands out amongst the rest. Smith] sitting at the kitchen table talking to my mom, he was actually sitting in the same place at the table where my dad would always sit.

I remember quickly walking past him and going into the family room, as I felt very uncomfortable and did not want to speak to him, however I did not understand why at the time. Very shortly after returning to Ontario, I found myself lying in a hospital bed for two weeks, I had tried to commit suicide.

I loved my dad with all my heart and I know I was grieving his death, but I could not comprehend why I would try to actually take my own life.

Now I understand that seeing him that day in my family’s home sitting with my mom, was a huge trigger for me and the emotions felt so overwhelming, that all I could think of was to die.

We had a good run down to Alabama – a little nasty getting out of Ottawa with snow and freezing rain, but once we hit the 401 we pretty well sailed along, happily watching the temperature climb up, up and up. I hate to have to address this on Christmas Eve, but this has been my first opportunity to get anything posted. Every map was gone, and it just would not download a map again. I ask that you hold emails to me via the site or my personal email until the New Year. ) Enough for now, Sylvia Father Denis Vaillancourt, the former long-time Chancellor of the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, has been sentenced to 12 months house arrest, followed by 12 months probation and must donate 0 towards charity. Ottawa’s Archbishop Prendergast has appointed Father Stephen Amesse as Associate Rector at St. This is the priest who, , assisted in the compilation of the CCCB’s 1992 sex abuse guidelines but at his own sex abuse trial claimed he didn’t know what grooming was!

And finally a chance for a belated posting of the 18 December 2017 Andrew Duffy article in the Ottawa Citizen re Father Stephen Amesse being assigned as Associate Pastor at St. Here it is: 19 December 2017: Priest acquitted of sex assault appointed to downtown church I expressed a few of my thoughts on this several days ago. I usually pope online and it’s taken care of in no time. To make a long story short, I found another number and tried again. I take pains not to mar their precious innocence, so computer time when connection is working at a time when I have a quiet and private space is hard to come by . I may post little comments or pictures from time to time but doubt that I will get any articles posted. Look at this: As you see, I highlighted that “good” news.

As I said before, after this I will post names of those identified in lawsuits only after they have been settled, either in or out of court. Smith (Sentence Section 156) (002) 05 December 2017 Please do take the time to read it all.

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