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The green hoses visible in one photo are attached to pumps -- it appears the intent is to keep the newly created streambed (passing next to the dam) dry until work is completed, by dumping the water back into Toms Run just below the work area.They are running dump trucks in and out of the area via the lower service road which has very large gravel added in places to support the equipment.

Use an appropriate insect repellent containing DEET.

Spent a little over an hour at Camp Michaux this afternoon prompted by an email from Andre Weltman regarding heavy equipment at the entrance to the lower service road. It is currently focused on removing trees, I assume so they can get access to the concrete structures along Toms Run.

While I was there I walked the camp to examine the results of herbicide treatment over most of the area west of Michaux Road.

Once they begin to fail a little, masonry structures are famous for totally collapsing "with no warning." At least a fence was in place so that if this had occurred while people were around, no one would be killed!

Our recent heavy snow followed by repeated freeze-thaw cycles no doubt was the immediate killer. Andre Weltman, chairman, Friends of Pine Grove Furnace State Park The double fence erected in 1945 for the Japanese prisoner compound has been discovered southeast of the church camp swimming pool.

On 3/28/2016, Vince Montano wrote: The inscription on Tom's Run bridge becomes more unreadable with each passing year.

And yet there is no record of what it says in it's entirety.Last week I studied and photographed the inscription with a similar method used in the past, fortunately with success.We now have a complete description of these fading lines from history.What a difference to see the camp with the barberry and some of the other invasive plants all dead.(Vince will be happy to know that Yountz Bridge is now visible.) The shrubs and stalks are still there but no greenery.Seeing the camp with so many dead plants is a little disconcerting, although this will make maintenance of the site much easier.

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    The coast is indented by numerous coves and harbors that reach inland to gently rolling wooded hills.

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