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Rowupdating not called - www jewgluedating com

So as long as you are updating the data via the grid's API, the values displayed should be the most recent up to date values.However sometimes you may be updating the data outside of the grids control.

The simplest is to call with no parameters which will refresh all cells using change detection (change detection means it will only refresh cells who's values have changed).When you give data to the grid, the grid will not make a copy.Thus if you change the value of the data outside of the grid, the grid will also be impacted by that data change.I have a list of checkboxes and one select all checkbox.And in my use case it's so that if user checks all checkboxes from the list manually , I have to uncheck all the checkboxes from the list and check the "All" checkbox.If a row was changed by a direct API calling, it will not be updated.

In such case you can manually call the data Processor to inform about the update operation: Starting from version 2.1, data Processor has a default reaction on the "error" response type which is used to report about server-side errors.

You may be wondering why would you want to force refresh, what is the point in refreshing a cell that has no changes?

The answer is to do with cells that don't show underlying data or depend on something other than just the underlying data.

So I have binded a ng Model and ng Model Change to all the checkboxes .

Now what happens is if I try to update the ng Model in the ng Model Change method ,the state of checkbox is not changed even though the ng Model value is updated (since angular2 listens to events only and not to change in value of ng Model).

The checkbox updates itself and Angular doesn't see a change that would make it necessary to propagate back to the checkbox.

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