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In all subsequent films she is completely clean with no blood stains (although in The Grudge 3 (2009), Jake Kimble mentions that he saw her covered in blood). Some critics and fans are pointing out that the sole purpose of THE GRUDGE is to scare you.See more » I hate to throw out lines like this, but in this case I feel like I have to: the American remake of THE GRUDGE is by far the worst film I have seen in theaters in the last 5 years. And now that I have gotten that out of my system, please let me explain why."When someone dies in the grip of a powerful rage, a curse is born. Those who encounter it will be consumed by its fury." That is the premise of THE GRUDGE and I will admit it sounds intriguing. Those who encounter the "curse" are indeed consumed by its fury and that is all you get. The problem is that when there is no plot to speak of, creepy images and sounds can only go so far.

And this storytelling technique mars any sort of mystery that film could have possibly had.The family has asked that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Jenesse Center or The Restoration Ministries Church of God and Christ.Photos and video on this site are posted either by permission or are assumed to be in the public domain.If you are the owner of a copyrighted image posted to this site and would like that image removed, we will remove it promptly upon your request. A young woman encounters a malevolent supernatural force while searching for her missing sister in Tokyo; a mean high school prank goes horribly wrong; a woman with a deadly secret moves into a Chicago apartment building.Ellis was born near Chicago in Harvey, Illinois, but became a ward of the state after his mother had a break down over the death of her brother. Marines but quit at the age of 17 before he was accepted into the famed Julliard School in New York, where he graduated in 2004.

Moving to Bessemer, Alabama, the actor went to Jess Lanier High School for a year but hated it, eventually moving back to Illinois and graduating from Thornridge High School in Dolton, Illinois. Many celebrities took to social media to pay their respects to the actor. A brilliant, charismatic, intelligent, soulful, wonderful dude.

I have no problem with non-linear storytelling when it is done right.

The film jumps from time period to time period with no rhyme or reason.

The family of former True Blood star Nelsan Ellis have revealed the exact circumstances of his death.

In a statement, released through the late actor's manager, Emily Gerson Saines, on Monday, Ellis' family said his heart failure was brought on by alcohol withdrawal.

Karen Davis, an American Nurse, moves to Tokyo and encounters a supernatural spirit who is vengeful and often possesses its victims.

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