Sat nav updating maps

13-Jun-2019 13:00 by 8 Comments

Sat nav updating maps

We specifically like the 6.95-Inch screen whilst having the same total dimensions of a standard 6-Inch device thanks to the edge-to-edge design.The maps and directions have not improved much from previous models, but what has improved is the overall performance which is now hard to beat.

The key problem with a satnav that is powered by satelittes is that the unit needs to be in contact with satelites and often in the countryside, mountains ranges or dense forages block the signals and you loose connection.

Overall a cracking device that is well worth the price.

Over the last year the sat nav market has moved on considerably with the introduction of many new and improved sat nav units from new and old manufactures.

There are many people across the market who feel that Tom Tom sat nav's the easily the best sat nav's on the market in the UK, whereas other feel the Garmin's are the better.

Over the last few years, we've seen Tom Tom really close up to Garmin in their performance.

When you're using a 5-inch screen there are so many times when you wish there was a little more information on the screen to see whats coming ahead and when the satnav switches to a dual screen mode, you simply cannot see enough road information. There is still the Drive Luxe which is a fantastic satnav, but uses a 5-inch screen and with a price tag over £300, does not offer value for money.

The Drive Assist is another great satnav and comes with is the basic model and quite frankly should be the best car satnav 2017 as it comes with everything you need, however the one thing that drives me crazy, you need to update the unit whilst being attached to a computer.

With prices starting at £39.99 for rising all the way up to £399.99 for a top of the range Sat Nav it can be a really hard decision to choose the best sat nav from all the available unit across the market.

In this review, we're looking at the best satnav's in 2017 and trying to make a decision which you should be buying and which you should leave in the shop.

Gone are the days when you only had a choice of one or two different designs, in this market you can now choose up to four different designs within the same model.

We have still have our two favourite manufactures who have both brought out new models, however the changes between those models and the previous models are pretty slim.

I have a computer and therefore could update it, however I know lots of people that don't have a computer and therefore will struggle to keep their satnav up-to-date with the latest maps.

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