Sedating a dog that wont sleep

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Sedating a dog that wont sleep - co to jest russian dating

Can lumbar spine problems (or spine problems in general) cause chronic twiching and/or spasming of muscles in the calves and feet?My background: Posterior interbody lumbar fusion (L4-S1) 7 months ago, anterior cervical fusion (C5-C7) about 4 years ago, and undifferentiated spondylitis.

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There is a space just above the mattress for my heals, so I can get some dorsiflexion. In the middle of the bed I put a 10 lb weight with some ankle weights to help keep it from rolling. At night cramps would start in my calf, and when I tried to stretch it out the front of my leg would cramp. My family doctor prescribed amitriptyline in a low dosage.

I noticed it was better when those muscles are stretched slightly. There is a wall behind my desk at work that I can rest my leg on in a strectched position with my toe neutral instead of pointed.

In my car there is a ridge to bend my toe backwards to stretch my calf, etc. It is a boot that people with plantar fasciitis (problems with foot arches) wear at night to keep from pointing their toe.

I have it all the time in both legs regardless of whether I'm sitting or in bed, but in bed it initially gets much worse, but then settles down after I've relaxed for awhile.

If I get up to go to the bathroom during the night, when I return to bed the calf muscles jump around intensely, but eventually settle down.

Leg muscles twitch constantly, regardless of activities, worsen when I first lie down, but then settle down to mild twitching all night long after being in bed awhile.

If I do any physical activities (walking on treadmill, stretching, eliptical machine, etc.) the twitching goes into severe spasms in my calves and sometimes in my feet during the night.The twitching preceded the surgery, however, and has not improved after the surgery. I went to another doctor and asked for neurontin but he wouldn't prescribe it. The reason I am responding is because since that time I got creative and came up with some solutions that have made this manageble for me.My twitching is in my calf and hamstring on the back of my leg.In the lower back, I had moderate stenosis but the main problem was scar tissue impingin on my nerve roots.The lumber fusion was an 8-hour surgery because the doc had to separate the scar tissue from the nerve roots.Sometimes the calves will spasm when I climb stairs during the day, but I immediately walk out the spasm.

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