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Then she remembered, this guy must either be feeling sorry, thinking I am a cripple with these braces or thinks I am all the more attractive with them on.

He didn’t look at her eyes frequently as a man who felt sorry for her would, but seemed to stare unceasingly at her leg braces!

The title, “Losing A Life” is not literal, it is an opposite of the admonition to “Get a Life”.

This new story is about a girl who loves knee braces and acquires a HKAFO through meeting a handicapped girl who wanted to merely dump them and go on with life without them so she wouldn’t attract attention.

The main character doesn’t care about the consequences the braces would bring, as she always wanted a pair to wear forever.

So here we go with the story, based loosely on The ILUVBraces website story’s character Josie: Chapter 1 Josie meandered through the large expanse of New York’s streets.

Noticing that, she thought to herself “well, that’s ONE benefit of being handicapped! ” The train went its distance and within the hour, it arrived at Tarrytown.

Josie tried as casually as she could to crutch out of the train but since she had not practiced much, she looked very awkward and apparently new to the situation as anyone who observed her would think.She was a fairly young teenager about 15 years old and made the trip into the huge city by herself, against her mother’s warnings about going there alone.But she had to unwind after an especially torturous day of teasing by her high school classmates.Please forgive me, but I do want to find out what it’s like to be handicapped and need braces!I’d appreciate it so much if I can buy them from you.” Amanda smiled and replied “I don’t need the money!Josie was stymied and she suddenly came up with, “these braces were so hard to walk in, I stumbled and the envelope I was carrying fell out of my hand and into the train tracks, so I lost it.

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