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When the Romans arrived they quickly chose the London area as the HQ for all activities in their new island colony perhaps because the area between present day Cannon Street Station and the Tower of London, on the north bank of the River Thames made an ideal port and with quick access to high ground. In addition, at this point two smaller rivers join the Thames from the north providing easy access to extra clean drinking water and additional defence from attackers.These two rivers are now no longer to be seen but can easily be located. The mouth of the Walbrook is now under Cannon Street railway station and it's passage from the north follows Walbrook Street which connects Cannon Street station with the Mansion House and the Bank of England almost due north.

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London Wall was the northern boundary and over a bridge (on the site of present day London Bridge) to present day Southwark described the city limits in the south .The Saxons chose Winchester just north of present day Southampton as their base.It was not until some 200 years after the departure of the Romans (about AD 670) that the London area was reoccupied (by the Saxons) to any effective level and it was in a new area around present day Charing Cross and Trafalgar Square that was to be their base for their new city and port.An easy passage by ship down the river Medway and up the Thames.The Romans used London to bring in all their vital goods from the rest of their empire particularly of course military equipment.They also imported bronze ornaments, pottery, glass and millstones.

London would have had all the trappings of Rome at that time.The original Roman settlement stretched from The Walbrook river (Cannon Street Station) in the west to the Tower of London (which did not exist) in the east.The second river is the Fleet just over a quarter of a mile west of the Walbrook which is a much larger river and flows north south under present day Ludgate circus and Farringdon street.Mr Aldworth said: 'We are providing a proportionate number of officers based on the threat, number of people coming, and the secure environment we've been able to build.'We have fewer officers policing here this year but they represent the appropriate number of resources that we need...Hundreds of Boxing Day shoppers reportedly fled House of Fraser in the chaos, but police say there is 'nothing to indicate shots fired' or 'criminal offences' occurred at the store on London's Oxford Street.It is possible today to "take a walk" round where the wall was, locating its position via its famous gates which names are still in existence today.