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It’s particularly very helpful for the Telugu people living abroad.It connects Telugu students in your university or engineering college, Telugu colleagues in your Multi-national Company, Telugu neighbors in your new locality etc.

Not just Live to a stream of the television programs, one can access the last one week programs and movies on this app. Its available for Android and IOS SAMOSA APP : Movies are a part of our life. The dialogues of Telugu movies have become part of our day to day language.

Since we do not have the patience to go through the newspapers or read long articles, the app shortlists the news day to day and presents them in a small articles not exceeding 100 words – Crisp and clear latest news in Telugu.

The app also provides News in other Indian languages apart from Telugu for the people of other states.

This app uses your geographical location details and shows other Telugu people in your locality.

It would help you find a Telugu person for assistance in another state.

You need to send a ‘Namasthe’ as a friend request to any of the Telugu user shown in the app.

If they respond with ‘Namasthe,’ you are connected and could share things with each other.

Available in Android and IOS WAY2 : Most of the internet users are familiar with ‘Way2Sms’ which was popular before the launch of ‘Whatsapp.’ Way2Sms has saved our phone balance and let us send SMS from the internet.

The same company has added additional functionalities and designed an app named as ‘Way2.’ Apart from the message function, this app allows us to read Telugu News Articles at one place.

Users can go through a lot of profiles and search as per their criteria.

Numerous marriages are being settled through online matrimonies these days.

After the invention of smartphones, several apps have been developed to entertain the mobile users.