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Given that this was a soap opera, and that Pelphrey and Stephanie Gatschet, who portrayed Tammy, had undeniable chemistry, much of the audience was able to set aside the incest angle in their minds while watching this love story unfold.To its credit, did not ignore the fact that they were cousins and viewers got to see the two young lovers process through those issues and decide that what they felt for each other was worth staying together for in spite of what some of the wagging tongues in Springfield, fictional locale, may have thought.

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Don't get me wrong but the manliest men often have man-crushes on effeminate men.

Jonathan was first seen on the show in 1999, as an 8 to 9 year old boy, after Reva married her truelove Josh Lewis for the second time.

They honeymooned in San Cristobel and Reva's life there as Princess Catherine came to light.

The fundraiser takes place October 10, PM, at the New York Downtown Marriott (located at 85 West Street at Albany Street).

Joining Tom for a staged reading of the Don Nigro play, stars Kim Zimmer, Grant Aleksander, and Bonnie Dennison. Tickets should still be available to the event, so if you're in the New York area on Saturday, October 10, this sounds like a great way to spend an evening.

Tom knew that his fans wanted to hear his thoughts on his time there, and he was gracious enough to answer tons of our questions covering such topics as how he got hired at GL, Kim Zimmer's reaction to his original audition, his thoughts on the Jonathan/Tammy storyline, his time out in LA, who is acting idols are, his thoughts on manner where we allow the guest to dig a little more deeply and thoughtfully and really uncover what they love about the craft of acting.

We hope you enjoy it, and feel free to post your comments below, and remember to check out the Apothecary website, not just for the tickets to the fundraiser, but also for a special preview clip of Tom acting in .Coming into town without revealing who he really was, Jonathan seduced and bedded his half first cousin, the virginal Tammy, then revealed to her that he was really her relative.Eventually, the feelings Jonathan had for Tammy turned to love, and they began a controversial relationship that had both its fans and, due to its underlying subject matter, its the last decade with his charismatic portrayal of the troubled Jonathan Randall, the abandoned son of GL heroine Reva Shayne and Prince Richard Winslow of the fictional island of San Cristobel.Jonathan's story was as follows: During one of Reva's periodic bouts with soap opera amnesia, she ended up on the tropical island of San Cristobel, met and fell in love with the Prince, and conceived her fourth child, Jonathan.Head on over to more information and to order your tickets.