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Preview Night is intensely popular because it's a somewhat smaller crowd milling through the Exhibit Hall, and it offers access to the booths at their freshest and fullest.

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Even better is that heading to these places won't typically take a lot of money to enjoy.I used to consistently hear from people who didn't get a badge compared to people who did in a 3:1 ratio.Then it seemed to go to 7:1 and now it seems to be about 10:1 or 12:1.You can take a shuttle to and from the Con, then do hardly any walking at all for your Gaslamp dinners and bar-crawling.If you're staying at the Marriott, you might not walk far to the Con but you will walk to and from the Gaslamp.(Yes, you could take a hotel shuttle there but people rarely do.) So consider including the Embassy Suites, Marriott Gaslamp or Westin Gaslamp as one of your choices on Hotel Day.

If you're embedding other vacation activities into the Con, or bringing non-geek family members, take that into account as well.If you're one of the thousands who signed up to be on the "Interest List," No.Here's how Comic-Con badges work; you show your photo ID and barcode confirmation to pick it up.But be mindful that staying farther out stops being cheap if you start spending money on cabs, rather than waiting for the Con shuttle.However, the other Gaslamp hotels can make even more sense and involve less walking.Theoretically someone could direct their scammer energies into the hell of registration and waiting hours in line to collect the badge - all to meet their buyer outside for a markup of a hundred bucks, if that.

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