Updating efmp

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Updating efmp

Please contact our staff by phone or in person using the office information provided at right, if additional information or forms are needed. The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) supports the continuum of care for all eligible sponsors and their family member in order to improve the quality of life for families that support a member with special medical and/or educational needs.

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Overseas-unaccompanied assignments, unit deployments, and standard deployments must be carried out without interruption.When this occurs, Family Case Workers are best able to support the unique needs of each family.While the Family Case Worker will contact each family quarterly, through a combination of phone, email or in-person visits, families are always encouraged to contact their Family Case Worker whenever they need or desire assistance.Please include relevant special education paperwork. Yes, the Marine Corps believes that families should not bear the cost of form completion to comply with a DOD mandated program.Some TRICARE authorized providers are charging families for completion of the DD 2792, referencing the TRICARE policy manual which expressly excludes reimbursement for completion of the form.The purpose of an Overseas Suitability Screening is to identify medical, dental, educational and potential duty-limiting conditions or requirements of both service and family members.

Completing a screening will ensure that both the family and service member are qualified for overseas, operational duty, and remote duty assignments.EFMP staff and families work together to inform, educate and empower individuals to be the best advocate for themselves and/or their family member(s).The EFMP is a DOD-mandated enrollment program designed to support individual, family and unit readiness..A DD 2792 (medical summary) must also be submitted.If your family member no longer requires an IFSP or IEP, have the appropriate EI or school official complete the form to document the change in status.While EFMP cases are assigned to the installation EFMP family support office where the sponsor is located, families are always welcome to attend events, receive services or request assistance from the nearest EFMP office.