Updating group policy on windows 2016

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However, the ability to centrally and locally configure Active hours, as a way of preventing unwanted restarts, is advantageous.I also appreciate being able to configure another restart time once the updates are downloaded.

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I didn't try the other Group Policy settings for Automatic Updates, but my guess is that they still work, even though the Update settings no longer show how admins have configured the computer.

Note that you can only see the new policy after you update the ADMX templates with the latest version for Windows 10 in the Policy Definitions folder on your Windows Server or in the Central Store.

If you apply this policy to a Windows 10 1607 machine, the corresponding configuration in the local settings app won't change.

In this case, the user will receive a corresponding systray message and the restart time can then be rescheduled.

The fact that the Group Policy configuration for Automatic Updates is no longer displayed in the Windows 10 1607 settings is confusing.

He is a regular contributor here at ITPROCentral.com, MSExchange.org, and Anderson (Portuguese).

In Windows 10 1607 (Anniversary Update), the Windows Update setting no longer offers a drop down menu to disable updates.However, according to my tests, restarts will then be scheduled corresponding to the Group Policy, and the Active hours configuration in the Windows 10 settings will be ignored.The Restart options can only be configured when a restart is scheduled.However, when I disabled the Automatic Updates via Group Policy, no downloads were shown.With the help of the networking monitoring tool, I could see that Windows downloaded a couple of megabytes from Windows Update, but then stopped.Although I could not find an official statement, it appears that these options have disappeared in Windows 10 1607.

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