Updating oak cabinets bathroom

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Updating oak cabinets bathroom

Nina and Mack live in the suburbs of Boston with their three children and golden retriever Lucy.Added this pic 2/25/16, but the kitchen is not finished and this is just a cell pic. We added Patagonian rosewood floors with undertones that work with the oak without blending in with it.

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The undertones in oak are usually yellow, orange, or even some red; if you think about the color wheel, the complementary colors would be as follows: The bolder the undertones, the bolder the colors will appear. Yellow and oak are sort of like allies; it doesn't clash the way pink undertones and oak do, but it doesn't make the oak stand out, either.

If you choose weekends, it will probably take you a couple of months (all of this depends on your pace and the size of your kitchen, of course.

I am referencing a leisurely pace and a similarly sized kitchen to ours).

If you are looking for reasoning, as well as an in-depth explanation of what did and didn’t work, make sure you check out the ebook.

The following post will provide you will all of the materials for quick reference, as well as a summary of the steps.

With all that, I've finally gotten a handle on how to work with oak. To me, a house can be decorated however you want it to be, especially if you're planning on staying in it for the long haul.

I hope by consolidating these tips, someone out there can save themselves from extra work and headaches. Here are 5 tips for working with oak without painting it all white: Paint color you choose for your walls can make or break the appearance of oak.

Using a darker shade of stain to create an accent piece can really change things up and refresh a room full of oak.

I have broken up the amount of oak in my home in several areas; let me share a few of them with you!

This post now provides a summary of the project, as a companion to the Free Ebook.

I’ve divided it up into a few pages to make it a bit more digestible.

My home had an all oak staircase, oak trim, flooring, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, fireplace mantel, etc.